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Is Custom Build Worth the Investment?

Updated: Mar 7

Don’t settle for a replica — invest in a custom home

Imagine designing a home where multiple generations can gather for the holidays or special occasions, with the scale and grandeur to open your doors and heart wide.

A custom home is more than just four simple walls–it’s a chance to build a legacy with a place for generations to call home. An expansive ranch-style abode on a sprawling green-hilled property or a three-story craftsman to host even your grandchildren–whatever your style, the choice to build custom is the decision to create your dream forever home.

Meticulous details, expert craftsmanship, and superior materials–when you build custom with Frazier, it is a matter of difference and exclusivity.

Discover why a custom home build is worth the investment when you work with Frazier.

Experience the tranquil beauty of a Frazier Homes custom build at sunset, where luxury meets breathtaking natural surroundings.
Frazier Homes Custom Build at Sunset

Utmost Quality in Custom Build

Beneath the surface of a Frazier masterpiece is a host of gold-standard products. When you build with Frazier, you are not just selecting from a basic set of plans with builder-grade materials–you are selecting an exclusive standard that exceeds any average and places your home in a prestigious collection of rare American masterpieces.

The investment in a custom build starts with the high-end products we use. There is a clear difference between our materials versus what a standard builder uses for a non-custom home, starting on day one.

From the concrete quality we use to pour the foundation and the product we use to build superior subfloors to the skilled craftsman we use for millwork detailing, Frazier goes above and beyond the basic government standard. We view your home as its very own piece of art, unique from top to bottom and crafted with only the highest quality materials by the most talented professionals. With Frazier, you get craftsmanship, design, and attention to detail only made possible with a luxury home build.

Crafted Beauty

You’ll never experience Frazier luxury in a standard home. In your forever home, you have a vision. You may dream of curved entryways and doors, custom copper finishes, imported European stone, and sweeping views. These elements are simply unavailable in a commonly constructed home. It is a vision that will only come to life when you choose to build custom.

The Frazier Way encompasses a unique, one-of-a-kind essence of luxury only available in a personalized approach. It frees you from the restraining plans of a builder grade home.

Our team is unrivaled, with legacy and award-winning artists and tradespeople from this region: only the best of the best may work on one of our homes; this is a difference the discerning can observe right away.

From our millwork to our trim contractors, each member of the Frazier team views your custom build as a journey. The destination–your home–is the art piece they proudly contributed to. It is more than four walls made of plywood and drywall, more than pieces of wood or slabs of stone; we choose the perfect raw materials and see them as a blank canvas to bring your vision to life.

The completed product is a piece of art that is curated by you and executed seamlessly by Frazier designers and craftsmen. Remember: the result will be like nothing else on this earth. It’s simple, really: we’ve never built the same house twice. Just imagine that.

Then, the question becomes, how much is that dream worth to you?

Life is a Dream

Have you started searching for a special place to call home, only to discover that nothing quite fits your family? Perhaps travel is your passion, and you’re looking for an established HOA that manicures your landscaping. Or maybe you are hoping to age in place without a retirement community, so you need a single-story ranch home or a home fit with a luxury elevator.

When it comes to your forever home, the difference is defined by a custom home that fits your family, style, and deepest desires ever so eloquently.

As a custom home builder, we believe in the investment, because it is an investment in the life of your dreams, and what could be worth more.

The Frazier Way: Exclusively Unique Homes

A custom home is not a traditional art print–it’s an original. A masterpiece imprinted with your very own touch of individuality, style, and finesse. Your taste is on display, carefully and expertly constructed in every dimension, from the hand-carved crown molding to the custom-cut Italian stone mantle.

When you build custom, you don’t simply accept a standard set of plans–you delicately and intentionally craft your own. With the help of the Frazier team, you mold the vision of your dream home as if the clay is physically in your hands–with an experienced and talented team of luxury home-building professionals by your side every step of the intricate process.

Ultimately, your investment in your forever home is time. An ideal fit for only the most sophisticated of tastes, designing a custom home is like creating an authentic piece of art.

To start crafting your masterpiece, reach out to us today.

The big thing is knowing the difference - the Frazier Difference.

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