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What to Look for in a Custom Home Builder

Updated: Mar 6

Start with your vision: the morning sun gleaming through the mosaic, laser-cut glass of custom-built french doors, a fire blazing in your hewn stone fireplace, an entryway starring arched cathedral ceilings–this is the genesis of your future custom home: a dream, an idea, and a desire to create.

What starts as a flicker in your imagination may grow into a burning desire to make it a reality. You will quickly discover the limitations of any traditional builder, encountering restrictions or pre-fabrications that come nowhere close to your goals. You will then seek out a custom home builder.

Inviting living room in a Frazier Homes build, featuring elegant design, premium finishes, and a cozy ambiance.
Frazier Homes Build Living Room

Which home builder is the ideal fit to transform your goals into the walls and halls and picturesque motifs of your future home?

The team to which you entrust your bespoke home should be the perfect partner.

Where does one begin in the search for a custom home builder?

The best answer is simple: partner with a reputable, trustworthy, and experienced luxury home builder.

This article will walk you through the important considerations to keep in mind as you seek the right match.

Would we be the perfect fit? Discover what you can expect when you work with Frazier Homes.

Define Your Priorities

A vital first step in the process is to define your priorities. Will you invest in extra square footage or the highest premium finishes and accents? Will you value time over quality? Do you have a specific style and material quality you require?

At Frazier, we strive to operate off the triple constraint, which includes time, budget, and scope.

Project Time

Timing is a great place to begin. Are you looking for a builder that can complete your project in six months or under? Sometimes these time constraints are an inevitable imperative. However, understand that faster timelines come with lowered quality, selection variety, and expertise.

You should select a builder that understands your goals, can clearly define how long it will take to achieve them and will charge you a reasonable price for the outcome.

Accurate Budget

A putting green in your 3,000 square foot basement, a luxury carport to house your Lamborghini, a white marble ballroom to host your galas–do you envision specific shapes and forms and uses?

We encourage you to voice every impulse for your future custom home while maintaining the understanding that every grand scheme does have an associated price.

Budget should always be a consideration when hiring a builder because your lifestyle is an investment. Regardless of the scope of your project, the size of your home, and the quality of your materials, you should select a builder that can deliver on your dream within an accurate budget based on the result.

Scope of Work

Let us recall the idea of a putting green: wouldn’t it complete the space to add a copper-topped wet bar, finished with leather detailing? Oh yes, it would. New inspirations will continue to guide your process. Selecting a builder who can rise to the occasion of your goals for the project is essential.

Does the builder you choose have the trusted competency, knowledge, expertise, premium materials, and talented team to achieve what you are asking? Finding the answer to this question should be a priority.

Vetting a Custom Home Builder

Once you have defined your project's priorities, it’s time to enter into the next phase of the process: vetting your prospective custom home builder. There are vital questions to ask and signs to be aware of as you select a best-fit custom home builder.

Questions to Ask Your Custom Home Builder

As you would approach any major life decision, we urge you to be equipped with thoughtful, challenging questions, such as…

  • How do you handle a situation where you cannot deliver on the timeline you outlined?

  • How often will you provide updates on the project's progress?

  • What is your communication style?

  • If you fail to pay your subcontractors, which delays the project, how do you handle this?

  • If you miss a vital design component, how do you rectify the situation? Is that a cost to me (the client) or you (the builder)?

  • How do you manage my finances?

The best fit for every customer is different–that’s why defining your priorities and asking the right questions will accurately set your expectations for a successful custom home build.

We personally enjoy the long lunches and relationship building that precedes a formal engagement. But then, the Frazier Way is simple: our standard is superior communication, unmatched integrity, and flawless results. You can not only expect a one-of-a-kind process but an exceptional luxury result.

Accurate Expectations

Weighing your most essential priorities will help you choose a custom home builder that can deliver your dream home. When selecting a custom home builder, learn what you can and should expect of their demeanor, communication, and conduct.

For example, has the builder demonstrated credibility based on their reputation in the community?

Or, is the builder competent in the process, from the build to all the elements associated with finishing the home?

Finally, is the builder giving you a realistic picture of the process from the beginning?

Expectation setting is a vital skill that your builder should demonstrate to you in the hiring process. As both a builder and a client, you should be able to determine whether it is the right partnership.

We are happy to labor with prospective clients to ensure it will be a harmonious pairing. In fact, we insist on being clear:

If you are racing to the finish line or have unrealistic budget expectations, we might not be the best fit.

However, if you are looking for a builder with an unmatched reputation, the highest quality standard of work and craftsmanship, and proactive, consistent communication–Frazier may be a great fit.

We define ourselves by accountability, integrity, and professionalism. We deliver on that promise with each unique home we build.

Trusted Transparency: The Frazier Way

Home building is not an exact science. It’s more like crafting a piece of art–your very own Van Gogh. As you envision and draw on inspiration, we, as home builders, do our best to accurately estimate and speculate on your innate style and desired result. Because of the speculative nature of home building estimates, selecting a custom home builder with trusted transparency ensures you are delighted through the final brushstroke of completion for your luxury home build.

Begin your journey to forever with Frazier Homes–reach out to our team today.

The big thing is knowing the difference - the Frazier Difference.

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