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Best Features of a Luxury Chef’s Kitchen

Updated: Mar 6

The heart of the home—the place you nourish, celebrate, gather–welcome to the exquisite centerpiece of a luxury custom home. The centrality of the kitchen is true of almost every home, combining an encompassing feeling of both essence and design as it pulls in homeowners and guests alike.

When building custom, envisioning an immaculate, well-appointed chef’s kitchen is possible with Frazier Homes. We are partnered with Wolf and SubZero to bring you the most refined luxury selections for home appliances, with a professional chef to guide the most sophisticated pallets.

Discover what it means to imagine and design a custom chef’s kitchen in your future slice of luxury with Frazier Homes.

The Value of a Custom Luxury Kitchen

Exquisite luxury kitchen design by Frazier Homes, showcasing high-end appliances, custom cabinetry, and stunning finishes.
Luxury Custom Designed Kitchen

Every last corner of a custom home with Frazier should exude an essence of high-end luxury. Your appliances and the technology that powers your home are no exception. In partnership with Wolf and SubZero, Frazier can offer the best-in-class appliances to fit the needs of our most exquisite homes.

The custom element is key–appliances are no longer a single selection. With Wolf and SubZero, custom homeowners can select and customize each aspect of their luxury appliances.

Do you plan to design a primary kitchen complimented by a hidden chef’s kitchen for at-home catered galas? Use Wolf appliances’ “keep warm” feature to entertain and enjoy your guests while creating exquisite meals.

Are you an aspiring chef with an affinity for tenderized meats and savory sauces? A dual burner gas stove top with even, all-around heat will give you restaurant-level cuisine, all in the comfort of your luxury home.

With a full-time professional chef on staff in Chef Brandie, Wolf can provide enhanced appliance demonstrations to their prospective clients. Whether it's gas, electric, or induction–Wolf offers all things cooking with an unmatched reputation for performance and results. Not only are clients able to view the appliances at work, but they can also benefit from the refined perspective of a professional chef. With the option to cook on any of the very best appliances in the world, professional chefs can achieve their most impressive results with the help of Wolf and SubZero appliances–and Chef Brandie is a testament to their quality and production as she serves you a full course meal in all appliance demonstrations.

The goal of Wolf and Chef Brandie is to empower clients to understand that any appliance they select for a project will be effortless to utilize in their home–cooking experience is optional, but an experience of luxury while cooking is undoubtedly guaranteed. The elevated quality is in the product and the result, not your cooking ability. Isn’t that a lovely sentiment? With the option to design a luxury home kitchen that fits your needs and desires, the design will function for everyday cuisine to five-course professional meals.

Defining Your Culinary Archetype

The best features of each custom kitchen depend on the needs and desires of the future homeowner. As designers and chefs alike work alongside luxury home clients, appliance selections are informed by inquiring how individuals will utilize the space.

Does the client like to cook? Are they cooking weeknight meals for their family of six, or are they hosting intimate social gatherings on the weekends?

Will the client host in-home galas and events with help from outside caterers and chefs?

Working with society's most refined tastes, the question becomes: what does the client wish to create?

The goal then is to define the client’s culinary archetype and select the appliances that fit ever so seamlessly into the vision of their dream future home.

5 Best Features of a Chef’s Kitchen

The best features of any chef’s kitchen are the ones that take a traditional home chef and make them look like a true professional. Within the world of kitchen customization, the options and the possibilities are truly endless. One thing is for certain when you work with Frazier Homes and Wolf products–you receive better results and a superior product.

  1. Double range–yet another reason Wolf is above the rest, clients have the option to easily select a double range. Designing a custom chef’s kitchen is a no-brainer on the path to luxury and customization.

  2. Steam ovens–steam ovens allow you to elevate the end product of your cooking endeavors with a unique steam cooking system not typically available in standard, mid-range appliances.

  3. Fan systems–In many of the Wolf products, advanced fan systems allow heat to circulate more evenly in your ovens. No more rotating pans or swapping out racks–the process is simplified, and the result is elevated so that your appetizers are nice and moist yet evenly browned.

  4. Drawer refrigeration–think snack storage for your children or beverage refrigerator for you and your spouse–but add the refrigeration element. Working with SubZero, you can customize drawer refrigeration throughout your home, from the custom kitchen to the bonus pool house.

  5. Smart features–like anywhere in your home, the kitchen is becoming home to the latest and greatest in elevated tech features. No need to stress when cooking that expensive beef tenderloin–employ the help of a built-in temperature probe to achieve that coveted medium rare perfection.

The Evolution of Technology in Custom Kitchens

Whether you’re a professional like Chef Brandie or a budding home chef in the culinary pursuit of in-home excellence, the evolution of technology in the custom kitchen arena should provide a welcomed excitement to chefs at every level.

Technology provides enhanced versatility in the choices available during the custom home-building process. With the sky as the limit in pursuing customized perfection, you can opt to dial in your kitchen with refrigeration or your oven with tech-controlled thermometers.

Expand the possibilities of traditional kitchen technology beyond the walls of just the kitchen–our most creative clients will innovatively use kitchen warming drawers in bathrooms to heat towels or refrigeration drawers in pool houses to cool beverages. Convenience, innovation, and luxury converge for a magnificent result.

Sommeliers rejoice with the option to add temperature-controlled tech to your custom-crafted cedar wine cellar. Summer aficionados will leap with excitement at the endless possibilities for a unique outdoor kitchen with high-tech functionality.

There are countless spaces for appliances and technology to fit seamlessly into the luxury custom home world. With the help of Frazier Homes, Wolf, and SubZero, the question becomes not if, but how and what. The world of imagination and reality becomes one as we execute your individual vision of luxury tech design.

Your Dream Chef’s Kitchen: It’s All Possible With Frazier

Elegantly opt to host a charity gala in your ballroom donned with crystal chandeliers. Establish yourself as the prime destination for welcoming neighborhood barbeques in the warm summer months. Host guests for a patriotic 4th of July pool party with the help of your tech-enhanced pool house.

Appliances and technology are not only a staple of your home, and specifically of the kitchen–they are an opportunity. An opportunity to elevate your home beyond the standard and beyond the status quo. This is what it means to design your dream chef’s kitchen, and this is the experience of building custom with Frazier Homes.

The premium quality and advanced innovation of Wolf and SubZero complement the standard of excellence in Frazier custom homes. Whether it's your dream of a hidden chef kitchen, the beauty of an everyday pristine white kitchen, or the possibility of elevating your bathrooms or home theater–selecting high-end appliances add to both the value and luxury of your home.

At Frazier, we love bringing best-in-class products to our most refined clients–supporting our elevated brand experience with luxury partners. An unforgettable journey to your future dream home.

Learn more about what it’s like to work with Frazier Homes.

The big thing is knowing the difference - the Frazier Difference.

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