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Frazier Homes Perfect Team - Meet Andre Frazier

Updated: Mar 7

Accountability, integrity, and professionalism are the founding pillars of Frazier Homes Perfect Team. Behind beautiful custom designs built to the highest standards of quality and finish, the Frazier team is led by one hands on leader, Andre Frazier.

With Andre at the helm, Frazier Homes seeks to bring a new era of home design unique to the Greater Cincinnati area. His mission and vision are simple: to construct beautifully crafted, quality constructed homes. From sketching blueprints to customizing final details, there is nothing too luxurious for Frazier Homes.

Dive in as we uncover the man behind the mission and the story of how Frazier Homes developed into the powerhouse luxury home builder they are known as today.

As the founder of Frazier Homes, meet Andre Frazier, the creator behind the best in luxury custom homes, and discover what it means to build with the Frazier Difference.

Meet President Andre Frazier, visionary founder of Frazier Homes, dedicated to crafting exceptional custom homes with a commitment to excellence.
Andre Frazier

The Genesis of Frazier Homes Perfect Team

Andre’s parents held a storied history in real estate, from new builds to remodeling to owning and renting apartments. Born from this example, Andre developed a drive and love for real estate.

While earning a degree in finance from the University of Cincinnati, Andre was a star player and captain for the Bearcats Football team. After graduating, Andre played six years in the NFL for the Pittsburgh Steelers, winning two Super Bowls during his career.

After an impressive time with the NFL, Andre began purchasing and rehabbing real estate. Shortly after, he landed a job with an award winning fully custom builder, where he served as Vice President of Field Operations for 7 years. . There, Andre developed a deep understanding of the entire custom home building process and gained the needed experience to branch out on his own in founding Frazier Homes.

Beautiful + Quality Constructed Homes in Cincinnati

Frazier’s mission and vision are simple: to construct beautifully crafted, quality constructed homes. They constantly aim to be on the cutting edge of new, innovative ideas and unique, and bold designs. Frazier’s goal is to supersede the status quo, the traditional, the same bet–and deliver an unmatched product of uniqueness and luxury.

Whether you desire the traditional architecture of Cincinnati’s original homes or the innovation of modern design, Frazier aims to bring a new era of custom home design unique to Cincinnati and the Frazier process. The Frazier Difference means building the best and most aesthetically pleasing homes in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Personalized Concierge Service

Andre’s vision is that when you build with Frazier, you are delivered a stunning custom home and an unmatched process. Frazier doesn’t focus on what other builders are doing–they focus on providing a process that features the very highest attention to detail, curated client interaction, and personalized approach. With Andre heavily involved with each customer and their individual build, no detail is left unturned, as the Frazier team delivers each custom home client a concierge service.

At the core of Frazier’s operations is always integrity. As a lifelong athlete, Andre believes honesty and integrity are the only way to do business. Frazier is always honest with clients even when it affects profits because the process is always about more than money–it focuses on who they are and maintaining the integrity of the brand name and reputation.

The basic standards by which Frazier operates are highly elevated. Their integrity, craftsmanship, and professionalism set them apart from other builders.

A Foundation of Family

Andre’s greatest pride is that Frazier Homes is a family affair, with his sister Adrienne Russ as Vice President of Operations. The fact that Frazier Homes operates as a family means that when people join the Frazier team, they enter an authentic family atmosphere. The relationship makes all the difference, and the team at Frazier Homes is a close-knit group of individuals working towards common goals with a family bond in mind. Founded on family culture, Frazier is able to build multi-million dollar homes and do it without adjusting their integrity or high standards. At Frazier, the client building a $800,000 home is treated with the same respect as a person building a $5M home.

Why Choose Frazier

Andre Frazier sits on several prestigious boards and is heavily involved in giving back to his local business community. Andre resides on the following committees:

  • The Home Builders Association of Greater Cincinnati - The Executive Team of that board - Andre is currently the 2nd Secretary and will be in line for the President.

  • The RCAC Ohio Residential Construction Advisory Committee for the State of Ohio

  • Governor Appointed by Mike Dewine appointed Andre–this committee makes statewide decisions on all things housing, including managing affordable and luxury housing disparity.

  • UC College of Business - Linde. This committee bridges the gap between alumni and current students. The committee's goal is to find out what students need regarding internships, community, and advocacy–and keep the alumni connected with the school and what’s happening.

One of Andre’s primary goals in his philanthropic work is to stress what Frazier Homes does and how they support the community. Frazier is more than just a custom home builder–Andre’s goal is to effectively impact the community in a positive way.

The Future of Frazier

Andre’s vision is for Frazier Homes to grow to different states, including Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Texas. Bringing Frazier’s excellence, craftsmanship, and quality, Andre aspires to grow Frazier Homes into a multiple office company in different states.

The idea of growth gives Andre supreme satisfaction: the design phase, growth process, and conceptual component of imagining and realizing a goal. Like building a house–he loves the process from start to finish when the homeowners see the final product take shape.

Being in the field, visiting the job site with clients and subcontractors, solving problems, and eliminating potential problems are the intricate details of the luxury custom home-building process that Andre has grown to learn and love. With so many different approaches to construction and home design, Frazier Homes sets itself apart with confidence in their high standard of operation and product.

The Frazier Difference is an elite client expectation that Frazier constantly aims to fulfill–when you purchase a Frazier home, you can expect Andre on-site when you do your walk-through. You experience a highly personalized approach at every step of the process. While some builders pass clients off and the owner never interacts, Andre comes to the job because it’s the Frazier standard and what he enjoys most.

When you build with Frazier, you will interact with the company's owner because that is the standard of accountability that Andre Frazier has set. Connect with us to learn more about what sets us apart and how to begin building your luxury custom home.

The big thing is knowing the difference - the Frazier Difference.

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