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The Craft of Luxury Home Design

Updated: Mar 7

Timeless charm and modern luxury converge in a magnificent custom-built home. Drawing on the artists of past eras is a perfect place to begin your home design journey. Particular period homes feature characteristics and details that evoke depth and character in a home’s design.

Hand-carved archways, wholesome oak staircases, thoughtfully tucked-away breakfast nooks, and intricate trim styles characterize defining points in architectural history and inspire a future generation of luxury home design.

Ready to embark on your home design journey? With talented designers and expert craftsmen, know the difference when you work with the elite Frazier Homes team.

Arts & Crafts Homes

Indulge in the elegance of this formal dining room by Frazier Homes, where every detail speaks of refined taste and luxury.
Frazier Homes Formal Dining Room Design

Perhaps one of the richest eras of home design history lies in the Arts & Crafts period of the early 1900s. Inspired by a social movement, it began with a revolt. The revolt was characterized by an intellectual and philosophical rebellion against the exorbitant excess of the late Victorian age.

Still, Arts & Crafts homes bring features of Victorian architecture, which celebrate the prosperity inspired by mass production and industrialization. Homes from this period were commonly built from pre-cut manufactured kits and featured style-defining woodwork and trim only found in tudors, craftsmen, and other homes from that era.

Starting in Britain, the Arts and Crafts house style soon grew in popularity in the US. Today, it’s common to incorporate the architectural pillars of Arts and Crafts era home design in new luxury custom builds.

Craftsman Houses

Craftsman houses are the quintessential style of the Arts & Crafts era, a style we still see used regularly around the country today. As the name suggests, Craftsman houses are often celebrated for their craftsmanship. Historically constructed using locally sourced materials, the exteriors frequently feature decorative elements such as exposed beams, prominent columns, and stone accents. The inside of a Craftsmen home is defined by custom details that include impressive statement fireplaces, thick wood trim around doors and windows, and built-in shelving.

Prairie Houses

Another style that emerged from the Arts & Crafts movement, prairie-style houses are influenced by the natural environment that surrounds them. Architects of prairie homes believe that architecture should be defined by its landscape, not the other way around. While prairie homes are deeply rooted in their past history, present-day Prairie-style homes are known for incorporating modern elements such as flat plans and understated ornamental flourishes—a nod to history with a flare for the modern future.

The American Foursquare

The Foursquare home style began as an economical, practical way to build homes during the housing boom of the early 1900s. At their inception, Foursquare homes were known for their livability and simplicity rather than their revolutionary design. Today, many view the Foursquare style as an iconic, timeless nod to historic luxury.

Features of Arts & Crafts Architecture

As you begin your craft luxury home design journey, drawing on architecture of historical design can be an innovative way to incorporate character and a timeless essence into a new build.

The Arts & Craft birthed inspiring, thought-provoking architectural elements that continue to inform unique luxury design today.

The Colonnade

A luxury home is often defined by custom built-ins and immovable furniture, creating a forever feel in a luxury custom build. Much of this is originally inspired by the Arts & Crafts era Colonnade. Colonnades typically appear as pairs in the form of room dividers, bisecting a long narrow living room and creating two cozy, well-defined spaces within an open floor plan.

The Breakfast Nook

For renovations particularly, breakfast nooks often emerge as a practical transformation of a small, seemingly useless space. Perhaps a previously awkward corner transforms into a convenient and purposeful area–all thanks to the early 1900s emergence of the breakfast nook concept. Luxury breakfast nook design can feature custom storage shelves, drawer solutions, and compliments such as vintage chairs and intricate millwork.

Arts & Crafts Staircase

If you are looking to add an element of grandeur to a basic staircase, look no further to draw inspiration than the trusted Arts & Crafts era craftsman staircase. A statement staircase can help define and showcase your personal style, often designed with unique materials or updating existing structures with new decor or illustrated detailing. Your period staircase will likely welcome guests into your home in true grandiose style.

Kitchen Half-Doors

Kitchen half doors are inspired by Arts & Crafts revival kitchens that often combine higher-end materials and furniture-quality period details with modern convenience. Flat panel doors, raised panel doors, and recessed panel doors are examples of widely known arts and crafts kitchen cabinet door styles. Flat panel doors offer a simple, unadorned appearance and are a visual value-add to any custom luxury kitchen.

Style-Specific Trim

Envision detailed trim and pronounced molding–Arts & Crafts era craftsmen are specifically characterized by bold trim and defined molding lines. Open floor plans divided by era-specific design elements embody a period approach to design and living that many custom home builders incorporate into design today.

Effortless & Timeless: Luxury Custom Home Design

Drawing on the successes of history-defining architecture thoughtfully incorporates charming simplicity and custom detailing in your home design.

A truly luxury home is defined by its uniqueness, showcasing rich character and timeless curb appeal.

No matter what you envision, Frazier’s talented team of creative designers journeys with you as you define your style through the custom design of your luxury home. Working with Frazier is a matter of difference–it’s a quality, professionalism, and integrity that transcends every step of our process.

Ready to begin crafting your luxury home design? Learn what to expect when you work with Frazier Homes.

Know the difference–the Frazier difference.

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