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Know the Difference: Craft Custom Homes

Updated: Mar 7

Do you know what makes a custom home truly custom? A craft custom home combines specific goals, expectations, and needs to create a caliber of design that best fits your needs and your family.

In the process of building a custom home, you become your builder’s creative partner: hand-selecting each and every detail that will culminate in the stunning custom home of your wildest dreams.

The difference when you build custom is more than a matter of materials–it’s the autonomy and creative freedom to craft the home that will serve you forever.

Ready to discover the difference when you build custom? Discover what to expect when you build with Frazier Homes.

What Makes a Home a Custom Home?

Transform your work environment with Frazier Homes' custom-designed home office featuring a striking blue storage wall, blending style and functionality seamlessly.
Custom Home Office

Cohesive, harmonious, engaging, inspiring…these feelings come to mind in a luxury custom home.

In a custom home, every single detail is thoughtfully considered. The Frazier design team meticulously analyzes every detail to ensure they speak to the other parts of the home. This is what makes a home a custom home. It’s not just that each detail is, in fact, custom. Instead, each detail is thoughtfully considered so that cohesiveness elements all speak to each other in and around the home.

In a luxury custom home, along with our design team, you will make countless design decisions. From the type of European stone for your expansive primary bathroom to selecting the style of hand-carved wood entryways, every selection is a brush stroke on the one-of-a-kind painting that becomes your custom luxury home. With each selection, our design team walks alongside you so that every design detail is unified with the overall vision. The result? An exquisite home that truly speaks to your vision and desires.

What Sets Apart a Luxury Custom Home Builder

How do you make a choice when it comes to finding the right custom home builder? If you want a truly custom home, the best home builders will help you understand your options to make the wisest decision for your situation. If you’re looking for a home that fits your family’s needs and lifestyle, with dimensions and finishes to your specifications, you are looking for a custom home. With a luxury custom home builder like Frazier, we will help you craft every aspect of your home, from ceiling heights to trim details to floor plan layouts.

More than just the originality and customization, you can expect an elevated quality level with a luxury custom builder. At Frazier, we never use builder-grade materials or standardized blueprints–everything is completely customized to your needs from start to finish.

Of course, when it comes to custom home builders, you have a lot of options. In looking for a custom home builder, you’re wise to consider the scope of work, timeline, and budget for your project in selecting a best-fit custom home builder. Vetting your home builder, asking questions, and ensuring trust and transparency are vital in finding a quality custom home builder.

What Sets Custom Homes Apart

There’s no argument: custom homes shine among their competitors. Is it the materials, the design, or the detailing? Is it the rolling green acreage on which the property resides or the central city location in a historic neighborhood?

The short answer–it’s a little bit of everything. Custom homes are set apart from the rest because they’re created from the ground up, with every tiny detail hand-selected with your tastes and dreams in mind.

Creative Control

Just like an artist crafting an oil painting with control over every brushstroke to create their masterpiece, the decision to build a custom home ensures complete creative control. You have the final say over every project detail, from the big-picture items like the layout to the smallest details like the metal finish on your door knobs. With our dedicated team of designers and craftsmen to guide you along the way, you remain in the driver’s seat until the project is successfully finished. The decision-making power is yours from start to finish.

Choice of Location

Location, location, location…we’ve all heard the age-old saying that location is the top three most important reasons to buy a home. The location you select is no different when it comes to building custom. Do you envision life in the countryside with stables and a resort-style pool, or do you picture a modern twist on a brick colonial in the heart of the city? No matter your choice of location, when you build custom, you don’t have to wait for the perfect house to hit the market–you just select your ideal lot, and we build your dream home.

Partnership With Your Builder

Partnership with our clients and the relationships we build during the process of building your dream forever home is why we do what we do at Frazier. Building a custom home ensures a close working relationship with your builder. Instead of being the builder’s client like a traditional remodel or construction process, you are the builder’s creative partner in building a custom home. Frazier uniquely partners with their clients every step of the way, as you provide input on every part of your home’s design and construction, resulting in a home perfectly tailored to your tastes and needs.

Frazier Homes: Trusted Custom Home Partners

Knowing the difference of a craft custom home is a matter of elevated taste and desire. It realizes a dream to build a legacy home that speaks to your style and needs.

Home is so much more than just four walls–it’s a chance to tell your family’s story through intricate and thoughtful design. Building custom is so much more than just constructing a home–it’s crafting a customized future.

Begin crafting your custom home with a trusted luxury home partner–reach out to the Frazier Homes team today.

The big thing is knowing the difference - the Frazier Difference.

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