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Know the Difference: The Frazier Difference

Updated: Mar 7

Every luxury custom home holds its own unique story. The quality of the materials, the details of the craftsmanship, and the beauty of the design: all of these elements must combine perfectly to create your dream forever home.

When it comes to selecting your custom home builder, you are selecting the artist that will craft your very own work of art. Quality, transparency, and talent matter.

At Frazier Homes, we embrace your lifestyle and vision without sacrificing quality, materials, or timeline.

Know the difference when you work with Frazier Homes: a trusted, luxury experience.

Is Frazier the ideal fit for your future forever home? Discover what you can expect when you work with Frazier Homes.

Experience luxury and elegance in this stunning living room designed and built by Frazier Homes, blending comfort with sophistication.
Gorgeous Living Room by Frazier Homes

A Focus on Lifestyle

Even the most lavish and luxurious of homes are not a perfect fit for every individual or every family. Our team of designers delves into the very core of what you desire from your forever home and integrates this vision into every aspect of your custom home design.

Lifestyle matters–it shows the way we move through a space, it informs how we will use a home, and it develops a long-term picture of what the space will become for your family. Embracing your unique lifestyle and blending it into every detail of your home delivers a finished product that best serves the goals and needs of the people who will reside there.

We not only understand the importance of lifestyle, but we are genuinely interested in the lifestyles of our clients. Designing a kitchen should not be a simple item on your checklist–it should be a masterpiece that speaks to the needs and flow of your family. In builder-grade production systems, lifestyle does not play a role. It’s that simple. Standard floor plans deliver little room for creativity and personalization and do nothing to take your lifestyle into account.

When you build custom with a luxury product in mind, lifestyle plays a role at every turn of the design and build process–so that home is not only four walls but a space and a floor plan that embodies the essence of who you are.

Premium Design

Luxury custom homes are constructed and designed with high-end, premium materials, finishes, fixtures, and appliances. We design our homes with true stylistic architectural details and quality craftsmanship. Luxury custom homes often include indulgent amenities such as well-equipped chef’s kitchens, gorgeous back kitchens, resort-style bathrooms, a designated movie theater, or a lavish home office. At every step of the process, design decisions are focused on the client’s lifestyle and desires.

In a market where home prices are soaring, investing in quality finishes and materials is a wise investment for your future home. The Frazier team prides itself on staying on the cutting edge of different materials and sourcing techniques. The ability to source imported products with trusted quality is the intricate difference that defines a true luxury build.

Trusted Costs and Budgeting

With premium materials often comes a higher price tag. While most individuals aspiring to build a luxury forever home anticipate a certain cost, the key lies in transparency and predictability.

At Frazier, we believe in quality materials and expert craftsmanship, but we don’t mislead our clients in the selection process about what such decisions will cost. Many builders set unrealistic allowances to win the job, only to upsell premium finishes. This leaves a frustrated client and an overspent budget.

We are certainly not the cheapest builder on the market, but we believe our services are well worth the investment. When you build with Frazier, you are delivered a realistic and upfront budget with our number one goal to deliver on the price and quality we promise.

Predictable Scheduling

Frazier’s professionals and processes of our luxury home builds are designed to alleviate the stress and time required from the client. A professional interior designer will guide the client through all the aesthetic decisions before the build even starts, taking time to intimately understand their family, lifestyle, and goals for the design. A luxury builder will educate and ensure the right quality products in construction are ordered ahead of time to ensure a smooth build schedule. The entire team will advise on premium materials and how they fit into the overall budget. With transparent scheduling, the entire experience should be inspired and enjoyed by the client as they lean and rely on the team of professionals at Frazier.

Know the Difference: Premium Luxury

Every builder delivers a different end product. In our experience, the tiniest details all speak to a final masterpiece that is, in a word–elevated.

Knowing the difference between a premium luxury home build lies in the most intricate components of the process, the team, and the materials. Intimately understanding how each of these plays a role in your future custom home is the difference between a standard custom build and a luxury custom home build with the elite team at Frazier Homes.

It’s the Frazier Difference–accountability, predictability, and professionalism–that is unmatched in our industry.

Discover what to expect when you work with our talented team of designers, craftsmen, and builders.

The big thing is knowing the difference - the Frazier Difference.

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